Gas range to the first house

Gas range to the first house

Hello Followers, how are you?

I want to share some good news with you.

So first of all, the good news: my parents allowed me and my boyfriend to move to the outhouse! That’s exactly what I begged for more than a year. I’m extremely happy!

Before that, both his and my parents told us, that we are too young to do things like that…should I comment this? I think you get it.

But now, somehow they mellowed. Maybe they realised at last that we really love each other – we are together for 3,5 years. I don’t want to understand them – they gave me what I wanted and that’s enough.

This way, we are still under parental guidance (the outhouse is about 15 feet away from the main building), but we can live a little bit more separately and privately. The only thing my parents asked is to gather everything what we need for a living. Fortunately, most of the necessary devices were already in this building. The only equipment we had to buy is a gas range. Since I love to cook and my mother loves to cook as well, I couldn’t prevail before – it’s going to be my time!


My friend and me are both born as a part of the Z generation, so our first thought on how to buy a gas range was to search for it on the internet. We did it and I think I found the best gas ranges for our moderated budget. We found a Bosch gas range with 4 burners that is much more than enough. Furthermore, based on the reviews and user comments it is quite reliable and durable.

We ordered it and eventually it arrived on the next day evening. My father helped to install it and now our first house is ready to use. I still can’t believe it!

I’m sure that this will deepen our relationship even more.


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