Garbage disposal: 1 – Me: 0

Garbage disposal: 1 – Me: 0

Do you know why it is important to have a fully functional garbage disposal?

Because it’s really not the best feeling in the world when you want to make sure everything is gone down to the sink and in the very same moment the whole leftover flush back to your face without any warning sign.

one example for garbage disposals

But let’s just jump back a day ago, when my little step daughter (5 years old) first met a garbage disposal and was very corious about it. She enjoyed putting first a small piece of carrot, than a bigger carrot in it…and as I later realised she tried it with a fork as well…and next day morning this led to my face full of left overs. Both of my parents laughed their ass off, which didn’t helped so much, neither that after that they left for a week and I got the honourable task to replace that beautiful broken device.

Without any help I forced myself to search for it, but I had no luck for that. Fortunately my friend helped me to use the best key words for this search. We browsed through the internet and we found some pretty good sites that helped to decide which is the best garbage disposal for us: Pick My Disposer. I never thought that there is so much different type of these products. As we learnend it’s important which material it is based on – we order a titanium based one – I don’t want that event to recur ever again.

After two days we already got it. By the time my parents got home, the very new garbage disposal was ready to use.

Anyway…No matter how safe this new device is, I’ll never go closer than 6 foot to that piece of metal.

I think I’ll have some nightmares about it…

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